Beach Weddings are the perfect eco-friendly choice

Weddings are no longer traditional. Instead, couples are celebrating their special day in “original” style. What this means is that couples are searching for ways to set their wedding day apart from others, making it more intimate and personal. This also refers to incorporating lifestyle choices and beliefs into their vows.

environmentally-friendly weddingsSome couples opt out of the reception gifts and rather wish guests to donate to a good cause, while others choose to plan an eco-friendly wedding. Going green specifically, doesn’t mean you have to limit the amount of fun you can have, it just refers to being cautious about the environment.

One of the best ways of keeping the environment in mind when you say “I do” is to have an outdoor wedding. Beach Weddings by Joanie are simplistic and intimate settings in the sand. I can help you utilize Mother Nature’s natural gifts so that your beach wedding will be just perfect.

Other ways to incorporate eco-friendly components to your wedding day include:

1. Adorn with antique jewelry or find a jeweler who uses recycled stones and metals within their jewelry pieces.

2. Use tree-free paper for invitations or take advantage of the Internet and send digital invitations.

3. Choose a florist who uses organic flowers and look for in-season flowers to avoid exotic flower shipping packaging.

Beach Weddings by Joanie can help environment-conscious couples create a beach wedding with a beautiful, natural ambiance provided by the ocean and clear blue skies up ahead. Cocoa Beach in statuesque Florida is waiting for you!



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