Florida Beach Weddings at Their Best — Melbourne, Cocoa Beach

Amanda and Scott had a perfect October evening for their Cocoa Beach, Florida Beach Wedding.

Beach Weddings by Joanie presents our second wedding on Saturday. The happy couple’s wedding choice was a purple and white Colors of Love theme. All the best!Florida Beach Weddings

A Message from Beach Weddings by Joanie:

Just a reminder … For some reason, some wedding dates and times can be extremely popular for no real reason. It could be a date and time that may seem odd such as a Wednesday morning in November. But, to me, that’s not an unusual date and time as we do weddings 7 days a week and many (most) of our couples are coming from all over the world and are on vacation. So, they are not your normal “I need a Saturday evening” local wedding couple. What I’m getting at is — once you have a contract there is a 7 day hold it is in 3 places on the contract. If I get an inquiry within the 7 days, I start a wait list. I’ve had wait lists with as many as 5 names on it before. So getting your contract back in a timely manner is important. If you throw it in the mail the last day that’s fine.

But, if you have time to contact us and tell me, I will immediately take the hold off and the wedding date now is yours! :)

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