How Easy is It???

How easy is it? Pretty Darn easy!

  1. Check out the packages page for pricing and descriptions. Choose the Color of Love Package with or without photography,design your own package by choosing the Basic Sand and Sea with or without photography  and then adding on from our add-on section.  Or maybe the Joanie’s Special is just right for you!
  2. Check to see if your date and time are available by calling 321-783-2070, emailing or filling out the “contact” form or the “Book Your Wedding Form“.  Please look in your spam/bulk mail if you are not seeing my reply in your inbox.
  3. Once you know the date and time are available fill out the “book your wedding form” if you have not yet. Request a contract by checking “if the date is available check the book me now” button found toward the bottom of the form.  Fill out the form completely please.  I take all that information and write up a contract.  
  4. Look for a contract via email.  This will be accompanied by the policies and procedures.  The date will be held for you for 7 days.  You will receive an invoice at the same time.  You can pay the invoice by credit/debit card or ignore the invoice and mail a check so it arrives by the hold date.  Either way I will need the contract back by mail, fax or scanned and emailed.  The deposit will vary, usually $75-$500.  If paying by check, mail it with the contract but let me know it was mailed so I can mark it as booked in case it does not make it by the hold date.  This is important.  Always look in your spam/junk mail if you are not seeing the contract in your inbox.
  5. Once I receive everything I will email you a wedding packet.  This will have ceremonies and instructions and a form called “wedding details”.  The wedding details form needs to be back to me a month before the ceremony date.  Earlier is awesome!  Your balance will be due a month before the contracted date as well.  Another invoice will be mailed.
  6. If this is a wedding, read over the marriage license information and decide how you will be obtaining your Florida marriage license.
  7. Show up on your contracted date with your marriage license in hand if a marriage, if a vow renewal, just show up! Everything will be ready for you
  8. Live happily ever after!

We try to make this the easiest part of your wedding plans.  We know just planning a vacation is hard enough, throw planning a wedding into the mix and it is enough to push some right over the edge.   Step away from the edge!
Follow the steps above and you will be smooth sailing.

Easy peasy — I promise!!!!!  What are you waiting for????  Get started now