I Have Questions!!!

First I will start by saying “beach weddings or any outdoor wedding for that matter may not be for everyone!”  It is true!!!  But that is OK..If you are a person who will be stressing for months over the potential for rain, wind or any other weather related problem, a beach wedding may not be for you.  If you are expecting a secluded beach and the thought of people being on the beach around you will ruin your wedding day…then a beach wedding may not be right for you.  If the potential for high heat and sun in your eyes for photos especially in the spring and summer is going to ruin your day then a beach wedding may not be right for you.  Inside weddings are certainly less stressful and have less “unknowns”  that can come up.  But if you are adventurous and your main goal is to be married at the end of the day no matter what, you can probably pull off the beach wedding idea with no problem!!!!  Read below for some of the most asked questions and decide for yourself if this is a good fit for you.  If it is not…again, that is ok.  But I do not like surprises for either of us and I like for my couples to have all details to make an informed decision.  We do hundreds of beautiful weddings a year for happy satisfied and informed couples, we want you to be one of them.

You have questions???? …  We have answers!!!

Q: What happens if it rains?
Q: What if a hurricane or a tropical storm is on the way to the Cocoa Beach area?
Q: I am late for everything. What happens if my wedding starts late?
Q: How do I get a Florida Marriage License?
Q: I want to book, what do I do? Can you explain the whole process?
Q: How much is the deposit and when is it due?
Q: Have couples lost the date and time because they waited past the due date?
Q: I paid my deposit and signed the contract but now I have changed my plans. I will not be getting married in Florida after all.
Q: What if I just want to postpone and not cancel?
Q: How much notice do you need for me to book my wedding?
Q What days of the week do you do weddings? What time of day?
Q: Do you do weddings on holidays? Does it cost more?
Q We have children, either together or blended. How can we incorporate them in the ceremony?
Q: How many guests can I have?
Q: Do you do rehearsals? Do I need a rehearsal?
Q: Are the beaches crowded especially the beach you use? Will people be on the beach?
Q: Here is a photo I found on one of your competitors sites or Pinterest. Can you please do this exactly like the photo?
Q: Do you do sunset weddings?
Q: Do you do sunrise weddings?
Q: We do not want to see each other before the wedding, is this possible?
Q: I am very sensitive to the sun. Will I have a hard time with the sun? Will I be squinting in my photos?
Q: Are my guests allowed to take photos even though I have hired your photographer?
Q: Can I bring my own professional photographer?
Q: On the online viewing link I see that some have locks next to the names and I cannot open them. Why is this?
Q: I have contracted photography through you. Can I make a list of shots I want him to take?
Q: I contracted the Joanie's Special can I change it to just the Basic Sand and Sea Package?
Q: Can I bring my own sound system such as an iPod speaker or boom box?
Q: If I go with your sound system can I provide my own music?
Q: Can I bring my own decorations?
Q: Can I bring my own bouquets and other flowers such as boutonnières, corsages etc?
Q: Do I have to contract chairs? Can my guests stand?
Q: What time does my partner arrive?
Q: What time do my guests arrive? And where do they go?
Q: I have a guest that will be in a wheel chair. Is the boardwalk wheelchair accessible?
Q: Can I bring my own sand ceremony items?
Q: What about a champagne toast on the beach?
Q: Why do you not allow the cakes to be cut on the beach?
Q: Can my dog be in my wedding on the beach?
Q: Will there be seaweed on the beach? If so, do you rake?
Q: I know mornings in the spring and summer are usually less crowded, are mornings cooler as well?
Q: I would like to bring water for my guests is this allowed?
Q: May I bring favors such as fans, bubbles etc.?
Q: I would like to make programs for my guests, is this OK?
Q: Are there restrooms on the beach?
Q: Can I have a barefoot wedding?
Q: Who will be the officiant?
Q: Can I bring my own officiant?
Q: Do I have to be escorted down the aisle? Can it be anyone if I do?
Q: Is Joanie always at the weddings?
Q: What is red tide?
Q: What are love bugs?
Q: What if something weird were to happen out of the norm? Construction around the beach, an emergency on the beach, etc.

Now for some of more entertaining questions…no, really…these are real questions that have been asked.

Q: Will we be on the sand? Because, I do not want sand to get on my dress.
Q: What time of year will the sun be setting in the east?
Q: I would like my 2 year old ring bearer to hold my $5,000 wedding ring set, is this a good idea?
Q: My parents are divorced and do not get along. It is important they do not have contact with each other, during the ceremony, photos, etc. can you make sure this happens?
Q: I have a black tux and my wedding is in July. Will I be too hot?