Package Add-ons

Make Your Wedding Day Complete by Adding the Following Services

Most add-ons only will have 6% Florida Sales Tax added– Packages do NOT

  • Flower Girl basket — $40.00
  • Beautiful Bridal Bouquet and matching Boutonnière for Groom — $150.00
  • Choose from roses or tropical mix, all bouquets are custom made according to color scheme you are wanting. Some requests could be higher if requesting out of season or more expensive flowers. We will be happy to give you ideas for substitutions to keep in the $150 price.
  • Bridesmaid’s Bouquet, smaller version of the bridal bouquets — $100.00
  • Additional Boutonnières — $15.00
  • Add Rose Petals to any package for aisle way — $100.00
  • Heart made out of rose petals — $400.00
  • Corsage — $30.00
  • Flower girl basket w/ rose petals — $40.00
  • Small 3 flowered hand tied bouquet for bridesmaids, mothers, etc. — $30.00
  • A crown of flowers for the flower girl, etc. — $40.00

*Please note that one week before and after Valentines Day and Mother’s Day, prices for flowers could be subject to change.

  • Sea Shell Necklaces for Guests — $2.50ea
  • Sea Shell Cakes-our cakes are for taking to a restaurant that allows them or other reception area.  They are not cut on the beach.
    • 8″ — $100.00
    • 10″ — $125.00
    • 2 tiered stacked — $200.00
  • Professional sound system for ceremony music. Using our recorded music — $50.00
  • Professional sound system for ceremony music/ professional PA system for projection of officiant only. Recommended for all large weddings! — $100.00
  • Up to 50 White Plastic Chairs — $5.00ea (50 max)
  • Up to 50 white chair covers with white, pink, fuchsia, light blue, or violet sashes $3.00each (50 max)
  • Use of Sea Grass aisle runner — $10.00
  • Video of Ceremony – Edited DVD — $350.00 (upgrade to HD Bluray Disc – $25.00)
  • Free shipping within the US, Video DVD shipping to Canada — $15.00, Any other country outside of the US — $25.00
  • 30 Minute Rehearsal — $100.00
  • Use of wicker basket with “shoes optional” sign for guests. (Not recommended for mid-day weddings) — $5.00
  • Wish Upon a Shell Ceremony—When added to the Sand and Sea Package or Joanie’s Special — $40.00includes the first 20 shells
  • $15.00  for every 20 shells added to the “Wish Upon a Shell” Ceremony (You Receive 20 with the Package)
  • Basic “Two Lives Become One” Sand Ceremony– $50.00
  • Deluxe “Two Lives Become One” Sand Ceremony — $75.00
  • “Two Lives Become One” Sand Ceremony upgrade — Upgrade your Basic Sand Ceremony to the Deluxe Sand Ceremony — $25.00added to any package price that has the basic “Two Lives Become One” Sand Ceremony in it already.
  • Decorated arch and two small palms added to sand and sea package, unique beach experience package or Joanie’s Special..choice of 3 styles– $300.00
  • Bamboo Arch or Bamboo Canopy added to the sand and sea or unique package –$499.00
  • Additional photography – by the hour, including travel time for the photographer–local sites within the county only.  These are hours ADDED on to photography you have already chosen with a package.  Usually added for reception etc.
  • Basic — $150.00 an hour.
  • Deluxe – $200.00 an hour