Planning Accordingly for Your Beach Wedding

It is becoming more of a tradition these days for engaged couples to take the non-traditional route for their wedding day. The thought of many soon-to-be brides and grooms is how to create a simplistic, yet personalized ceremony with family and friends as they commit to each other for a lifetime of love and happiness.

Cocoa Beach weddingThe perfect solution? A beach wedding! White silky sand under your toes, waves crashing a few feet away and basking in beautiful sunshine all provide for a picturesque scene. The beach atmosphere is tranquil and requires very little “extras”.

My name is Joanie Arseneault and I own and operate Beach Weddings by Joanie. Welcome to our blog! We are a local company located beach side in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The beach is a part of us. We know it well!

When you plan a traditional wedding, details that can bog you down are the flowers, the decorations, the music, the seating and so on. If you just want to marry your best friend in an intimate setting, a beach wedding is a practical and magical option. Many beach weddings companies such as ours are your one stop place for all of these things.  The ocean is nature’s dreamy bed and Magic 8-Ball all rolled into one!

You will find many U.S. coastal cities to have beautiful beaches, like Cocoa Beach. Even though getting married near the ocean is more relaxing, there are certain factors to account for in the minimal planning phase.

1. Consider your budget and expectations. When choosing Beach Weddings by Joanie you will find a package for everyone’s basic needs.  Whether you want an added backdrop of a bamboo canopy for photos or just the rolling sea, you will find it here.  Once you decide on a package, there are many add-ons to choose, from seating, music, flowers and much more.

2. Time it right.  Different parts of the year as well as the time of day will bring you different things. Spring and summer bring crowded beaches and heat at peak hours, summer months toward the late afternoon and evening can bring rain showers and the wintertime you can usually find it a little quieter. So if you have concerns please speak with us we will be happy to find the perfect month and time for your special day.

3. Remember some of the little (but important) things. Make sure your beach wedding will be held with access to restrooms for your guests.  Beach Weddings by Joanie uses a beach with the office restroom just a small walk away and available for your guests.  When choosing a spring or summer month it can be quite warm.  Providing water or decorative fans make for practical favors for your guests. White umbrellas are provided when using the beach by our office.


*Image courtesy of Maliz Ong

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