Special Ceremony Descriptions

Basic “Two Lives Become One” Sand Ceremony

A perfect alternative to the unity candle. Symbolize the joining of your two lives by each of you pouring sand of a different color representing your individual lives, into one container. A beautiful ceremony reading is being performed by your officiant as this ritual is being done. The heart shaped bottle is yours to keep as remembrance of this very special day you were united together as husband and wife.

You can turn your sand ceremony into a “family” ceremony. Each child will have a color of sand as well. However, when there will be more than 4 people involved, we suggest upgrading to the deluxe ceremony. There is more room and is easier for multiple people to participate.

Deluxe “Two Lives Become One” Sand Ceremony

sand ceremony cocoa beach weddings by joanieNew upgrade available! Beautiful heart shaped vase.
Ideal for the family sand ceremony when 4 or more will be participating.
This version does not have a lid but a layer of white glue that can set for 24 hours will keep it from spilling.  We will be happy to show you how.  Just ask…

“Wish Upon a Shell” Ceremony

A unique addition to your ceremony that involves your guests and wedding party. Each person receives a shell with the bride and groom’s name and the wedding date on it. Everyone walks down to the shoreline, a few words are said by the officiant, each person makes a wish for the bride and groom as they throw the shells into the ocean. This will be done after the recessional. Your guests will love being an active part of your ceremony.