Sunrise and Holiday Information and Fees

Sunrise and Holiday Information and Fees

**No discounts

Sunrise wedding fees apply to any wedding scheduled 9 a.m. or earlier.   9 a.m. is nowhere near the actual event of the sun coming up it is just early. Sunrise here varies from approximately 6:20 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.

  • No discounts for sunrise weddings.There is a $50 charge for each of these services,
  • Officiant,
  • Photographer
  • Setup for decorations including chairs and music
  • Videographer


  • Basic Sand and Sea with photography and arch- $150 sunrise fee added (officiant, photographer and set up person)
  • Joanie’s Special as is- $150 sunrise fee added (officiant, photographer, set up person)
  • Joanie’s Special with video added- $200 sunrise fee added (same as above plus the videographer)
  • Basic Sand and Sea $50 sunrise fee added (officiant only)
  • Basic Sand and Sea, canopy, chairs and music -$100 sunrise fee added (officiant and set up person)
  • Basic Sand and Sea with 10 chairs- $100 sunrise fee (officiant and set up person)

Sunrise weddings can be beautiful!!!! But, sunrise weddings are not for everyone. If you are not a morning person on a normal day you are probably not turning into one on your wedding day… this also includes your guests.   We have seen the bride and groom miss the sunrise by 30 minutes or more, a best man didn’t show up at all once and also a mother missed her only son’s wedding because she showed up right after the ceremony ended.   The sun is not waiting for anyone; it is coming up with or without you. It is your call if we are waiting or going ahead if someone is late.
Also, in all these years I have seen everything from clear skies with a perfect ball of orange, yellow and pink coming up out of the horizon to no real sun because of cloud cover, but beautiful colors dancing through the light to thick fog and no sun to be found seriously, couldn’t see a thing. There is no guarantee of what you will be getting. The odds are it will be awesome but the occasional foggy and very cloudy morning does happen.

Not everything can be set up for sunrise, as it is dark before that sun comes up, but you knew that already.

We offer the following packages and decorations.

  • Basic sand and sea with and without photography
  • White metal arch, bamboo arch or canopy (no aisle)
  • Chairs
  • The Joanie’s Special
  • Music- However music must be much lower than normal, and faced away from the condo that sits on the beach at our ceremony site.
  • Floral items- bouquets, boutonnière, corsages etc. are available they will have to be made and delivered the day before. This includes Cakes as well.  They will be fresh but obviously not as fresh as if they were delivered the same day.

You have the choice of starting your ceremony before the sun is scheduled to come up so it is coming up during the ceremony or start the ceremony right when the sun is popping through.
Normally the bride and groom only photos are done last if we are doing the photography but at a sunrise wedding we immediately start with the two of you and that sun. Group/family photos are done after

Holiday Information:

We are closed, Easter Day, the Sunday before and the day of Memorial Day, July 4th, the Sunday before and the day of Labor Day, the 4 day weekend of Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day, New Years Eve and day.

We are open but there is a holiday fee for Good Friday and the Saturday before Easter, also the Saturday before Memorial Day and Labor Day

Just like Sunrise Fees there will be a $50 fee for each vendor needed for your wedding. No discounts on Holidays. This will include, officiant, photographer, videographer and any set up crew needed, including chairs.  See the examples above.