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From Winter Blues to Wedding Season

For most of us in the country, this has been one of the worst winters in recent memory. There just doesn’t seem to be an end in sight to the cold, snow and ice. It is bringing us down, to say the least. The mood is sour and chances are you’re thinking about the sun, sand and shore. But you should, because wedding season will be here before you know it!

Shore-side weddings can be breezy, elegant, and, when done right, just feel effortlessly romantic. However, the amount of pre-planning that goes into that effortless romance is integral to avoid sweaty, grumpy guests and sunburned newlyweds. Nancy Rones of The Knot wrote up some important dos and don’ts to keep in mind when planning your big day.

Nancy reminds us that the number one thing to remember while making arrangements for your beach wedding is to keep yourself, your vendors, and your guests cool and sun-safe. Providing cool water bottles doesn’t have to be tacky. Try arranging flowers around baskets of water bottles near the ceremony and reception sites. And never forget to hydrate your vendors, too. A happy wedding staff generally leads to happier guests.

If you’re renting a tent for your dream wedding, portable air conditioners are usually an option. And to really add that touch of luxury to your event, have an usher or two pass out cool damp towels to your friends and loved ones just before the ceremony starts. Timing dinner around sunset so as to avoid the midday heat and keep guests dancing under a breezier night setting can also be an effective way to make sure your day goes swimmingly.

Be sure to consider lighter fare for dinner and appetizers to avoid bogging everyone down under the sun. This goes for attire as well – you may want to give up the twenty-foot train if you’re planning on saying your vows in the sand. Or if that train has to stay, consider a costume change for the reception to alleviate some of the heat.

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of sunscreen and bug spray. Arranging little bottles around your venue will assure that memories of your commitment won’t be tarnished by post-wedding sunburns and bug bites.

Beach weddings can be overwhelmingly beautiful, but they can also be just plain overwhelming. You’ve got a vision; we’ve got a way to make it happen. Call Joanie today to start planning your beach wedding.

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