The Best Options for Cocoa Beach Wedding Footwear

Shopping for your wedding dress and accessories is the ultimate retail experience. It’s not every day you get to shop for a gorgeous white gown and shoes to match as opposed to the ordinary, run of the mill outfits that usually fill your closet. If you are exchanging your nuptials on the sandy shores of Cocoa Beach, your shopping experience might be a bit different but still, a dream come true.

The Best Options for Cocoa Beach Wedding Footwear | Beach Weddings by Joanie

As this is your special day, you should feel gorgeous in anything you choose. If you simply cannot pass up the strappy, beautifully-detailed heels you saw in the bridal shop window, we may be able to fit them in for a few photos. However, it’s important to remember that skinny heels can not only be a problem in the sand, but can also be dangerous on the boardwalk, causing an ankle injury if they get caught in the slacks. With this in mind, here are a few of our suggestions for safe, comfortable and exceptionally stylish footwear for your waterfront wedding!

Sandals are the number one go-to for exchanging vows on the sand. The vast array of available options goes beyond a bland single-strap like those of the past. If designer sandals are not in your budget, fear not! There are plenty of inexpensive, designer-inspired sandals that are sure to function well through the sand while also managing to match your bridal theme.

If you just can’t part with a little bit of added height, then we suggest shopping around for a wedge sandal. A wedge-style shoe will give you the elevation you need and look you love while still being sand-safe. The thick heel of the wedge will also prevent you from sinking too deep into the sand!

As always, you also have the option to go au natural. Wearing nothing but gorgeous, beaded footwear and a flawless pedicure on your toes, barefoot on the beach is a great way to say “I do.” Just keep in mind that the sand can sometimes be too hot for your feet to handle, so it’s always a wise choice to have a backup plan!

Regardless of what you decide to wear on your feet, your special day is bound to be absolutely perfect when you choose to have a Cocoa Beach wedding. Allow us to help you; contact Beach Weddings by Joanie today!

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