Who We Are

In 2014 Beach Weddings by Joanie celebrated 10 years of creating beautiful beach weddings in Cocoa Beach, FL for couples visiting from all over the world.  Well, almost all over the world. Japan, Australia, England, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, India, just to name a few and of course just about all 50 states.  Idaho, I am not remembering Idaho.  Note to self…reach out to the Idahoians,

Starting a beach wedding business in 2004 was the perfect choice for Joanie and her personality.  She met the most wonderfully sweet and talented photographer ever, Michael Howard aka “Joanie’s work husband” and has been here since day one.  They have become quite the team!  Want to view Michael and his staff’s work?  Click here.  But come back though, we miss you already!

We are a small hard working company with an office located right here in Cocoa Beach just steps from the ocean. We also live here, most of us beachside.  Joanie lives in Satellite Beach just down the street to the south, Michael lives in Cape Canaveral, that’s basically northern Cocoa Beach, Richard, the superman of beach wedding setter uppers (yes, that’s a thing) lives in Cocoa Beach. All our vendors and back up staff are local.  So my point is, none of us have far to go to get to work.  AKA, your wedding site!!!   Think about that.  That is important!

In our many years we have come to accept and appreciate the old adage “imitation is the highest form of flattery”. Trust me, we are very VERY flattered.  Enough already with the flattery, it is getting embarrassing!
We pride ourselves in customer service and quality work.  Many boast their low low prices.  But you can’t imitate experience and experience and quality together will never be the cheapest. It also doesn’t necessarily need to be the most expensive either.

Our first of its kind beautiful bridal room for changing, doing hair, makeup etc. is available when using the beach site adjacent to our Downtown Cocoa Beach office…Relax in a comfortable environment before strutting your awesome stuff to the ceremony site and to that awesome partner of yours.  Cocoa Beach-ers and visitors love seeing our star studded brides and grooms walk out to the beach so get ready for some horn honking and lots of congratulations…. and my favorite question to the bride standing in her long flowing white gown holding flowers….”awwww, you look so beautiful are you getting married?????”.  True story.

So rest assured that you are getting quality and experience when choosing us to be such an important part of your special day.  Oh, and awesomeness, you definitely get lots of awesomeness!  And fun…we are soooo much fun!  And yes, we can be serious too if you really like that sort of thing…Just kidding…Though fun and laughs beforehand tend to relax even the most stressed out bride or groom.  It’s our secret weapon!  Shhhh..don’t tell anyone!

But don’t take our word for it visit here to see what some of the most fabulous people in the world have to say about us…you know you want to be part of the fabulous crowd too…Well, what are you waiting for?

XO from the entire BWBJ staff!  We love you already!